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Career guidance and counselling at all stages of your work journey 

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Using creativity to help you negotiate work and life transitions

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Better decisions, improved self-confidence and a clear sense of purpose

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“His friendliness, positivity and good old-fashioned common sense make him a brilliant coach. I can’t recommend him highly enough”,


Freelance journalist


Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about the one-to-one or team/ systemic coaching I offer, or to arrange a trial coaching session. My mobile is: +44 (0) 7703 341 529. You can also email me at:



From the outset I was struck by Peter’s kind and sensible manner, and the fact that he really listened to what I had to say.   In our first session we discussed my goals, and what I felt was holding me back about the project.

Fiona H.

Music Journalist

I am a qualified coach with more than 30 years experience in creative writing, economic journalism and the exciting world of energy. This website offers coaching and mentoring for those involved in personal and organisational transitions.

I offer one-to-one and team coaching, and my focus is both on improving performance and working on motivation, as I believe these go hand in hand. I prefer to work with clients creatively where possible, although this direction usually evolves over time and always within the client’s comfort zone!

I have been accredited as a coach at a foundation level by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council’ (EMCC) since February 2021, and I work under the EMCC guidelines and Code of Ethics. I trained as an executive leadership coach on the PGCPLC program run by Middlesex University with Psychosynthesis Coaching Ltd, and further details of my coaching practice are available on their website. 


Book Reviews and More

Coaching The Pilgrims’ Way by Glyn Owens

This is one of those rare books that begins  with a story that blows your mind, and  then continues on a magical, mystery tour  that some will find inspiring , but others may take with a metaphorical pinch of salt.  The Pilgrims’ Way runs from four locations  in...

The Seven Types by Kenneth Sorensen

The Seven Types  Kenneth Sorensen’s book takes what I  believe are some less well-known aspects  of Roberto Assagioli’s theories, and  works these into a colourful and compelling book for self-analysis.  I am a colour addict, and I found this an  easy read, full of...

5DL by Roger Evans

5DL Roger Evans wrote the Creative Manager  in the 1970s, putting a focus on the human  dimensions of leadership that at the time  was revolutionary.  The Five Dimensions of Leadership are  Self-Awareness, Awareness of Others, Systemic Awareness, Being Strong but...

The Way of Psychosynthesis by Petra Guggisberg Nocelli

This is a hidden gem. Petra Guggisberg  Nocelli has written this biography of  Roberto Assagioli in close liaison with  the Istituto di Psicosintesi in Italy. It  tracks the early growth of Assagioli’s  psycho-therapy, his work with Freud and  Jung, his movement from...

Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching by Aubyn Howard

Aubyn Howard’s book on Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching is timely given the seismic and convulsive changes in leadership that we have seen in recent months. Aubyn has written a series of Crisis blogs during the Covid-19 crisis, and although this book is not about...

The Roots of Psychosynthesis

THE ROOTS OF PSYCHOSYNTHESIS and the HEART OF ASSAGIOLI [Picture: Panorama Florence] Looking back, I feel blessed that my five year journey into Psychosynthesis has run in parallel with my coming to know the man who founded it – Dr Roberto Assagioli. It’s through the...

Review: Non-Violent Communication

Marshall B. Rosenberg This classic text is just as relevant now as it was when Marshall Rosenberg first conceived of the principle of non-violent communication (often nowadays abbreviated to NVC) in the 1960s. This third edition by PuddleDancer Press is extremely well...

Review: Neuroscience for Coaches

By Amy Brann Published in 2015 by Kogan Page, "Neuroscience for Coaches" is divided into seven main sections. The first two -- Brain Areas and Brain Chemicals -- provide a fascinating guide to the geography of the brain, and the chemicals that allow it to operate. The...

Blackfoot Physics

Blackfoot Physics

Quantum physicist F. David Peat spent years talking with friends among the First Nations people of Canada, trying to understand their world view, which he suggests is radically different from that held by many in the west. This book the reader through...

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