Creative Transitions

I am a recently qualified coach with more than 30 years experience in creative writing, economic journalism and the exciting world of energy. This website offers coaching and mentoring for those involved in personal and organisational transitions. I offer one-to-one and team coaching, and my focus is both on improving performance and working on motivation, as I believe these go hand in hand. I prefer to work with clients creatively where possible, although this direction usually evolves over time and always within the client’s comfort zone!

I have been accredited as a coach at a foundation level by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council’ (EMCC) since February 2021, and I work under the EMCC guidelines and Code of Ethics. I trained as an executive leadership coach on the PGCPLC program run by Middlesex University with Psychosynthesis Coaching Ltd, and further details of my coaching practice are available on their website. 


Please get in touch if you would like to find out more, or to arrange a coaching session. My mobile is: +44 (0) 7703 341 529. You can also email me at:



What’s Cooking

Values of the Workspace

The Economist magazine's online event Innovation@Work reflected the extraordinary changes in work practices that have resulted from the Covid-19 pandemic. But I was left with a big question-mark over whether attitudes to staff have really changed at a deeper level....

Embracing Creativity

Many people have an instinctive recoil when they hear the word creativity, and it may well remind you of childhood painting disasters and school music lesson mishaps. I can certainly empathise with that from my own experience!

But I think of creativity as something different from both artistic talent and innovation. I believe that creativity is the ability to connect with and express the deepest levels of the Self in a unique way. It is about finding creative energy from the bit of you that connects you with your purpose in the world.

Recent findings in neuro-science suggest a strong link between creativity and empathy, and motivation and happiness. Being able to creatively express your whole self, to engage and communicate with others at a deep level, can be personally liberating, deeply motivating at work, and enriching for relationships with family and friends.

That creative energy can be expressed in many different ways: in how you talk, or smile, or tell a joke; in a landscape painting, a poem, a piece of music; or it could just as easily be through an entrepreneurial project, a motivating team meeting, or a coaching engagement with a colleague.

But whether it is in the arts or sciences, in technology or economics, in a creative design company or an engineering firm, an individual or a group, creativity emerges from this deep connection with the inner Self and one’s authentic purpose. 

I believe that coaching and creativity can play an important role in helping people find that sense of inner purpose in a way that is personally enriching and that helps them achieve more harmonious, meaningful and constructive relationships.