Hello, I am Peter Stewart. I qualified as a coach in 2017 on the Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching program run by Aubyn Howard and Paul Elliott.

I was inspired by the six-month course, and have since tried to bring peer coaching into a number of companies for which I provide consulting. I also set up a coaching program for staff when I worked as the Managing Director of the European branch of a global media and data business.

I run several websites including: https://coachcreates.com which is a personal blog on the use of creativity in coaching and particularly in coaching people and organisations through periods of transition.

Before becoming interested in psychosynthesis and coaching, I worked for many years as a journalist, analyst and consultant in the energy sector, with media organisations such as McGraw-Hill (Platts), Reuters and Interfax. I currently run the training and consulting firm Resource Economist Ltd, providing bespoke courses on oil, gas and the energy transition. I have been an advisor to the energy ministries of Norway and Angola, and have worked in Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

I run a number of websites related to my creative interests in poetry, pottery and painting, including the poetry website morphrog.com which I set up with my  friend Jeremy Page, one of the founders of the Frogmore Press. Astonishingly, morphrog has been running since 2010,  and celebrated its 21st issue in July 2020, as the first UK lockdown was ending.

 I also contribute to blogs and online journals related to my leisure pursuits, which include travel, food and drink, languages,  interfaith celebration and second-hand books.

My interest in psychosynthesis began about 10 years ago when I bought a dog-eared copy of the Act of Will for £1.50 in one of Lewes’ many fine second-hand bookshops. Since the PCL course, I  have stayed in touch with the psychosynthesis community through Whatsapp and Facebook groups.

I attended the first Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching symposium in London in 2018, as well as the 2020 Symposium that was held just before the Covid-19 lockdown. I met some great people at these events, and hope to meet more of you through this website.



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