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EPA Interview with Petra Guggisberg Nocelli

Interview: Petra Guggisberg Nocelli I am delighted that I will be interviewing Petra Guggisberg Nocelli this evening (8th February) as part of a series of monthly interviews...

Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night ends a month in which the sun is buried and then rises again. I felt a surge of energy as I took down the Christmas decorations this year.

AAP Quarterly: Stirring the Pot

This post mentions the article I submitted for the June 2021 AAP Quarterly journal, of which I was Guest Editor. The article was called “Stirring the Pot,” the title of a short story I wrote as part of a series of creative coaching sessions with Heather Mullin.

AAP Quarterly: Psychosynthesis and Creativity

Contribute to the June 2021 issue of the AAP Quarterly journal. Firm Deadline for Submissions is May 1, 2021 Creativity and Psychosynthesis with Guest Editor Peter Stewart “The...

Letting Go

For some weeks now, I’ve felt like I’ve been holding onto a rock with waves breaking over me, not quite sure what to do next. This feeling relates to a holiday memory from when I...

Anxious Moments

Many people are affected by anxiety. Most people prefer not to talk about it. The blog update below is based on a bout of anxiety that I experienced after several months of UK...

Growing Pains

Emily Carr’s autobiography Growing Pains reminded me of the challenges of early adulthood

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

A Virtual Reality world quickly becomes everyday reality

Blue Monday and the Wolf Moon

Blue Monday is apparently the day that most people feel is the most depressing of the year. This year, it fell on the day after the Super Blood Wolf Moon. I don’t know who...

Mixed feelings at New Year

Underwhelming Many of my friends on Facebook, and many coaches whom I follow on Twitter, have described their  New Year celebrations and expansive plans for 2019. For myself,...

Traumatised by Brexit? You’re not alone

"Theirs are strong and deep emotions. They feel devastated, angry, depressed, betrayed and ashamed, nearly two years after the referendum". Prof Emmy van Deurzen, reflecting on...

The Hazards of Tweeting

I have been Tweeting about Brexit. Being half Austrian, I feel passionately that the UK should not be leaving the European Union. The trouble is, I’m not sure that Twitter is...


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