Turtles live incredibly hard lives, returning to their birth area every year to lay eggs, ponderously dragging themselves up onto the sands, digging the holes that will allow their offspring to survive, and then painfully dragging themselves back into the water. When the eggs hatch out, thousands of tiny turtles make the dangerous race to the sea, many being picked off by predators before they reach the water.

Somehow, the whole cycle reminds me of the pain and precariousness of happiness, how hard it can be just to survive. I guess that sounds slightly more bleak than I feel about everyday life, but it’s a metaphor that is meaningful to me.  

Caretta also means “wheelbarrow” in Latin, and that’s another metaphor I find interesting. I’ve included a tab on this website about my allotment, and the allotment features in a few other websites that I run. Allotments allow you to be self-sufficient, to provide for your nutritional needs without being so reliant on shops and supermarkets.

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