Coaching Benefits

What are the Benefits of Coaching?

My coaching aims to harness people’s inner creativity to facilitate their work and career goals, and to help them with the process of making transitions.

I provide individual life coaching, and have coached a number of creative people with a focus on work-life balance, and how creativity can be used more widely in their work. I also offer coaching for teams and run small events focussed on coaching themes and the human quest for meaning.

The top 5 benefits of coaching are:

  • Improved sense of self-efficacy
    Knowing you can make changes in your self that make you happier and more fulfilled. Motivation in coaching comes from the client, and the coach aims to support, enable and empower the client.
  • Greater self-awareness
    So you have the self-knowledge to deal with the complex challenges of the workplace and day-to-day life. Self-awareness is a critical element of emotional intelligence, and is essential for those in careers with staff and leadership responsibilities.
  • Challenging limitations
    All of us have self-limiting beliefs that might prevent us from achieving our full potential. This might be on the lines “I’m no good at numbers” or it might involve deeper levels of self-doubt.
  • Using the whole self
    People often pigeon-hole themselves in certain categories such as artistic, scientific, caring, whereas we are all complex and multi-dimensional. Coaching can help open the individual to explore different sides of themselves.
  • Freedom to experiment
    Coaching is completely confidential and provides a safe space in which individuals can try out new things. Because the coach is a professional working under a transparent Code of Ethics, the relationship is secure and bounded.

Having worked for more than 30 years in the field of energy, as a journalist, consultant and analyst, I am particularly interested in how creativity coaching can be used by those involved in the energy transition. I run a website on green careers called Resourceshift and I am currently studying for the Level 6 qualification in Career Guidance and Counselling run by the Careers Development Institute.

I completed the six-month Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching  post-graduate certificate in 2017. I wanted to use the skills I had learned to help people find more meaning at work, and particularly how business leaders can use creativity to transform the workplace.

The PGCPLC course is run by the Institute of Psychosynthesis in association with University of Middlesex. The course tutors, Aubyn Howard and Paul Elliott, run Psychosynthesis Coaching Ltd. My coaching profile is available on their website.  

I provide coaching via Skype or Zoom, and I have a small office to ensure the confidentiality of discussions. Usually I prefer to meet clients face to face, especially early on in a coaching relationship, although obviously this is not possible currently because of Covid-19 restriction


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