By Amy Brann

Published in 2015 by Kogan Page, “Neuroscience for Coaches” is divided into seven main sections. The first two — Brain Areas and Brain Chemicals — provide a fascinating guide to the geography of the brain, and the chemicals that allow it to operate. The next two sections — Foundational Brain Concepts and Brain Networks — takes the reader on a tour of the infrastructure of the brain, looking at the communications pathways and networks, and their relevance to coaching. There follows a section on The Quantum Brain, a controversial but exciting area of scientific research. Brann’s book concludes with two chapters that tie in the neuroscience with coaching more directly. These cover the Neuroscience of Classic Coaching and the Neuroscience of Not-So-Classic Coaching.

I found this book extremely engaging. The modular design allows you to take in the scientific details at your own pace, and although there is a wealth of neuroscience information, the author ties it throughout to practical issues around coaching.

Reviewer: Peter Stewart

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