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I offer a friendly, supportive and confidential coaching service, and I work under the ethical guidelines and code of conduct of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). I provide one-to-one and systemic coaching, and I have a network of coaching colleagues through whom I can arrange corporate programs, involving other highly-qualified and experiences coaches if required.

I did my coaching training with the Institute of Psychosynthesis, where Aubyn Howard and Paul Elliott run a Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching course in association with the University of Middlesex. I have been accredited at a foundation level with EMCC since February 2021.

For further details about how I coach, and related services such as mentoring, please have a look at the coaching tab. Or give me a call — my contact details are below.


About myself


I’ve been living in Lewes in East Sussex since 1997, with my wife, two children (who have recently flown the nest) and our cat.  My interests include painting and pottery, creative writing, food and wine. When not in lockdown, I also enjoy going to the pub with friends and seeing films at the Lewes Depot cinema.

I was born in Austria, so naturally I’m a committed pro-European, and I have a passion for languages. Europe feels like part of my core identity, as my DNA ancestry test suggests that as well as my Austrian heritage, I am also a mix of Norwegian and French! 

I worked for most of my career as as a journalist, market analyst and energy consultant in Europe, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Middle East. The time I spent in Japan was especially precious, and fuelled my love of pottery, and a life-long enthusiasm for hot springs.

Nowadays, I run my own companies — Resource Economist Ltd and Kohde Ltd — and most of my travel is on my electric bike. I am active on social media and I run several websites related to my creative and travel interests.




My career as a journalist was mostly in the uber-rational world of energy, but my personality is naturally more geared to creative pursuits. I studied English Literature and Arabic at Cambridge University, and have been involved in creative and travel writing throughout my life. But there have often been periods where creativity has been left on the sidelines by my professional career. 

During the UK lockdowns in 2020-2021, I resolved to concentrate on my creative interests, and to make these a core part of what I offer as a coach.  To this end, I set up Coachcreates to offer people the opportunity to explore their creativity and to find ways to harness this more fully in their lives as a whole, and not least in their careers.

 For the last decade, I have been on the editorial board of the Frogmore Press and have run its sister publication Morphrog, an online poetry journal I have written short stories or many years, and have been published in Europe and the UK.

 More recently, I have become interested in the visual and plastic arts. I am an aspiring potter, having trained with Ray Maw, who runs the Shehy Mountain Centre in Ireland.

 Writing as a technical and economic journalist for much of my career was not always compatible with developing my creativity, and I have experienced the blocks and headwinds that many people face when trying to juggle creativity with the demand of the family and the day job. I believe that my coaching can help people overcome these hurdles in practical ways.

 I also understand the tensions between using one’s creativity and making a living, and the frustrations this can involve, as well as the challenges to work-life balance. I believe that coaching can provide practical ways to help people balance these conflicting demands.



 In the energy sector, especially oil and gas, decisions are made by economists and engineers, brandishing calculators and clip-boards, hard-headed, until recently usually male-dominated. Predictability, safety, reliability are cherished values: people want to be as good as certain that if they decide X, then Y and Z will result. It is not an exaggeration  to say that lives depend on this.

 My engagement with the sector early on was as a journalist. I tracked prices and markets, and wrote extensively about the oilfields, refineries and storage depots that I visited. For me, the oil sector was a dark and enigmatic world; it felt both dangerous and glamorous. It inspired poems, short stories and even a novel, as yet unpublished! 

 My journalistic career involved extensive travel. I worked as bureau chief in the Far East (mainly in Japan, but also Singapore, Hong Kong and Korea) and in the Middle East (mostly in the UAE and Oman). While I was a consultant on several large oil, gas and power projects, I worked with many engineers, whose calm, self-effacing approach to problem-solving was so different to the ego-centred world of journalism. I came to admire them.

 Nowadays, I am excited by the growth of renewable energy and the new  technologies that are rapidly transforming the whole energy sector. I hope it will be a way to deliver energy to people while limiting global warming.




Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching is based on the psychological insights of Roberto Assagioli, an Italian psychotherapist who knew Freud and Jung, but whose philosophy of life was deeply influenced by eastern wisdom and the practice of what we now call “mindfulness”. Assagioli’s teachings about the Self and the Will are fundamental to the PCL approach,

 Assagioli believed that the Will can be developed through constant practice, much like a muscle is developed by regular exercise. He saw the Will as the expression of Self, the unique essence of a person, in tune with the higher Self that guides and informs our behaviour. Unless we know the Self, we lack true purpose and meaning.

 Assagioli developed the theory of sub-personalities, which has become increasingly popular as a tool for self-analysis in recent years. Do you have times when you feel you’re acting out a role, or behaving in a way that isn’t fully you, but just a character that you play? Everyone has these personae, and understanding how they guide you, and sometimes how they trap you, is key to self-awareness.  

 I have been involved recently in the early stages of setting up the European Association for Psychosynthesis, and have a continuing involvement with the Collective Conversations group that sprung from the monthly forums run by Psychosynthesis Coaching Ltd during the Covid-19 lockdowns and after. Along with my creative websites, I set up the psychosynthesis community website and several related social media feeds.


Management and Strategy 


I am an experienced manager, and have worked for many years with multinational teams in Europe, the Middle East, Russia/CIS and the Asia-Pacific region. I have worked as a journalist, manager and director in organisations such as Reuters, Standard & Poor’s and Interfax, and I am a director and trustee of the British Institute of Energy Economics, a UK charity. Nowadays, I run the training and mentoring firm Resource Economist Ltd which is focused on workforce issues related to the sustainable development of natural resources:

 I have provided mentoring and coaching to staff throughout my career. In recent years, my focus has become more strategic, and working as the managing director of an international business information group gave me an insight into the pressures and challenges faced by senior executives. I have middle and senior level management experience and have provided strategic leadership at companies including McGraw-Hill, KBC and Interfax, in the UK and abroad. I know first-hand the complex challenges and pressures associated with leadership in rapidly-evolving corporate environments.

 I have worked in the Middle East Japan, Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong and managed cross-cultural teams which included a diverse mix of hard-working but fun individuals from Russia/CIS, Latin America, Europe, South Asia and the Far East. My coaching experience includes working with clients from different cultural backgrounds.


My contact details


If you would like to arrange coaching for yourself, or would like to discuss the use of coaching in your workplace, please get in touch. You are welcome to use email or my mobile phone, ideally text me first and I will call back.



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