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Thank God for a sense of humour. The Cartoon Museum in central London has a superb collection of political and satirical cartoons from the 18th century onwards. I visited on the day that Liz Truss sacked Kwasi Kwarteng as Chancellor, hopefully consigning Trussonomics...

Class Reports: Early Days at Uni

I remember my first few days at University. My group were all dressed in black, or occasionally punk stripes. A few of us wore earrings or make-up. We all loosely held left-wing views, with some of us joining the Marxists, others the Fabians or Socialist Workers, but...

EPA Interview with Petra Guggisberg Nocelli

Interview: Petra Guggisberg Nocelli I am delighted that I will be interviewing Petra Guggisberg Nocelli this evening (8th February) as part of a series of monthly interviews hosted by the European Psychosynthesis Association. Petra is the author of several influential...

Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night ends a month in which the sun is buried and then rises again. I felt a surge of energy as I took down the Christmas decorations this year.

AAP Quarterly: Stirring the Pot

This post mentions the article I submitted for the June 2021 AAP Quarterly journal, of which I was Guest Editor. The article was called “Stirring the Pot,” the title of a short story I wrote as part of a series of creative coaching sessions with Heather Mullin.

Seeking Meaning

Heather Mullin and I will be holding a series of seminars in London on the theme of Seeking Meaning. The first of these will be held in February, and is offered as a package with six coaching sessions. Please call 07703 341 529 if you are interested to discuss this...

AAP Quarterly: Psychosynthesis and Creativity

Contribute to the June 2021 issue of the AAP Quarterly journal. Firm Deadline for Submissions is May 1, 2021 Creativity and Psychosynthesis with Guest Editor Peter Stewart “The seed germinates in the night”. Joseph Conrad, novelist Creativity and Psychosynthesis have...

Letting Go

For some weeks now, I’ve felt like I’ve been holding onto a rock with waves breaking over me, not quite sure what to do next. This feeling relates to a holiday memory from when I was a young man: I had been on a long swim, the weather turned windy, and I ended up...

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