This is a hidden gem. Petra Guggisberg  Nocelli has written this biography of  Roberto Assagioli in close liaison with  the Istituto di Psicosintesi in Italy. It  tracks the early growth of Assagioli’s  psycho-therapy, his work with Freud and  Jung, his movement from Italy during  World War II, and the crystallisation of  the learnings from his therapeutic work  and his wide, eclectic reading in a “philosophy of the soul”.  Petra presented the book in London at the Psychosynthesis  Coaching Symposium in February 2020 ahead of the lockdown.  Essential reading for students of both psychosynthesis as a psychotherapy and as a method of coaching. The Way of Psychosynthesis by Petra Guggisberg Nocelli. (Self-published, 2017. £20.15 in paperback. Also available on Kindle)


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