Sustainable Transitions

This website explores the use of creativity and creative work in facilitating transitions of all kinds.

Recent findings in neuroscience suggest the strong links between creativity, empathy and strong, constructive relationships. Conversely, where creativity and empathy are stunted by stress and trauma, people often get stuck in negative patterns that leave them unhappy and unfulfilled.

The links between creativity and change go back a long way, some would argue to the dawn of mankind. Although the origins and meaning of Palaeolithic cave art — dating back as far as 30,000 BC — are still not fully known, many researchers believe that it was associated with rites of transition.

In many cultures, key life transitions are often marked by rituals and ceremonies that have a creative dimension.

The human brain is almost endlessly creative. Everyone has had the experience of the vivid dreaming that is associated with major life transitions. It seems that when people go through some deep change — either in their own psyche or in their relationships — the mind spontaneously creates stories and narratives from the subconscious plate tectonics.

21st century society is going through an enormous  transition in response to rapid technological change, geo-political upheavals and the climate emergency. Although a coherent narrative has yet to emerge from the detritus, there has been a quickening of interest in how creative voices can respond to the challenges, and an explosion in the use of narrative to get to the heart of what they mean. The world needs stories like never before.

Indeed, faced with the rapid disintegration of traditional values, creativite narratives and representations are a way to bring people together, even when agendas diverge.

Our mission at coachcreates is to help people find creative ways to make those transitions. We do this primarily through coaching, either individuals or teams, and we also offer bespoke programs on how to develop a coaching culture and to create coaching networks within your organisation. 

We also run tailored events to encourage the use and expression of creativity in the work place. For example,  


  • We run small-scale events that encourage self-discovery, that allow participants to engage with others at a deep creative level and to experiment with new perosnal and shared narratives.
  • We use language, colour, sound, materials and structures to embody and explore the transitions being made by individuals and organisations.
  • We conduct story-telling workshops in which people can weave the threads of their personal or work journeys into tangible narratives that can be shared and witnessed.
  • We seek practical ways to move blue-sky thinking to practical implementation in feasible timeframes.



My Creative Work

Pottery, Poems and People

My own creative work has been mainly focussed on writing, as a journalist, travel writer and a poet. I have also tried to bring creative approaches into the workplace as a manager and company director. See my Biog Details for more about this. More recently, painting and ceramics have got be going. I am an aspiring potter, and have recently started to sell my works on Etsy.

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