This section of the website contains reviews, mainly of books (my passion) but as it develops, I hope over time to include reviews of films, documentaries, exhibitions, events and so on. If you want to contribute to the reviews, please get in touch.

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If you would like to contribute to the Reviews on this page, please get in touch. I am a passionate reader, but fairly eclectic, and i would love to get as wide a range of content and topics as possible. Please contact me through any of the media listed on the page Contact-us.

Work Testimonial

I had come to a bit of a crisis in my journalistic career when I signed up for 6 sessions of coaching with Peter.  One large project in particular seemed to present an insurmountable obstacle From the outset I was struck by Peter's kind and sensible manner, and the...

Client Testimonial

“His friendliness, positivity and good old-fashioned common sense make him a brilliant coach. I can’t recommend him highly enough”.

Green Careers Week


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Thank God for a sense of humour. The Cartoon Museum in central London has a superb collection of political and satirical cartoons from the 18th century onwards. I visited on the day that Liz Truss sacked Kwasi Kwarteng as Chancellor, hopefully consigning Trussonomics...

Class Reports: Early Days at Uni

I remember my first few days at University. My group were all dressed in black, or occasionally punk stripes. A few of us wore earrings or make-up. We all loosely held left-wing views, with some of us joining the Marxists, others the Fabians or Socialist Workers, but...

EPA Interview with Petra Guggisberg Nocelli

Interview: Petra Guggisberg Nocelli I am delighted that I will be interviewing Petra Guggisberg Nocelli this evening (8th February) as part of a series of monthly interviews hosted by the European Psychosynthesis Association. Petra is the author of several influential...

Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night ends a month in which the sun is buried and then rises again. I felt a surge of energy as I took down the Christmas decorations this year.

AAP Quarterly: Stirring the Pot

This post mentions the article I submitted for the June 2021 AAP Quarterly journal, of which I was Guest Editor. The article was called “Stirring the Pot,” the title of a short story I wrote as part of a series of creative coaching sessions with Heather Mullin.

Seeking Meaning

Heather Mullin and I will be holding a series of seminars in London on the theme of Seeking Meaning. The first of these will be held in February, and is offered as a package with six coaching sessions. Please call 07703 341 529 if you are interested to discuss this...

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